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hello gorgeous soul,

I'm Jessica Husted. I believe people should be loved so hard.  I believe in 

good vibes, good hugs... 


for the beautiful soul who loves to wander 

oh gorgeous soul....

find someone who

betters you. Somebody who inspires and encourages you in love and in life, who pushes you towards dreams and goals you'd otherwise ignore, who selflessly sacrifices their time to helping you become a more courageous, well rounded and happy human being. That's sacred. You hold on to a love like that.


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I live to wander.

My perfect hair days? Wind blown. Spontaneous road trips with no destination? Let’s go. Windows down, music up and off key singing is my jam! Maybe we’d wonder together. Maybe we’d drive into the mountains, breath in the fresh air and you’ll tell me your story, I know it is full of bravery, love of fighting hard for the people you love. I honor the mess out of every moment you fought to get here.

I’ll have to toast my latte to you, you fierce one, because you are living life fully like me. Love, laughter, grace, gratitude, freedom, and lots of coffee, with an occasional red wine in there for good measure.

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wild heart & adventurous

"let me wander as long as I want  

until my soul is satisfied...

may you never forget how to wander...

good vibes

create great lives

two souls in love


 discovering beauty